When 3D visualisation & Smartphones walk side by side !

AirMov3D is an open source Android application developed by bioinformatics students to facilitate 3D manipulations on PyMOL software

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Try AirMov3D and adopt it !

Presenting to scientific conferences, or just work in another way. AirMov3D will change your way to manipulate 3D molecules in PyMOL.

  • What is AirMov3D ?

    We strongly think that AirMov3D can change the way people work on 3D visualisation. Thus our goal is to make it as modulable as possible so it become a reference.

  • Simplicity

    AirMov3D has been designed to be as simple and ergonomic it could be. All the features can be used with one hand to make it easier to manipulate your molecules.

  • Easy to adapt

    You are a developer and you need to use AirMov3D with another software ? That's easy, you just have to take care of the plugin. For more informations you can always contact us.

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How to use AirMov3D ?

Using AirMov3D is very simple ! Just download and install the application and plugin from our website ! Then just launch them, log in and you are good to go !

You will be able to enjoy this new way to visualize 3D molecules. No more 3D mice or other devices, just use your smartphone and use natural moves !

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Get ready to change the way you work

If you have any problem to install AirMov3D, think about the tutorial on this page !


Start with AirMov3D

How do I get set up?
  • Install the application from the APK folder or install it using Android Studio by opening the project.
  • Install the PyMol plugin for you OS.
  • Run the plugin from PyMol and then launch the application.
  • Enter the server IP into the application.
  • You are now connected and can manipulate you molecule with tour smartphone..
  • Install the PyMol plugin for you OS.
  • This application use the API18 and so is supported for Android version 4.3+.

    What's new?

    Version 1.0

  • Release of the first version of AirMov3D to the public.
    • GB image

      Android Designer

      Gary Bouchentouf

    • TF image

      Software Developer

      Tristan Francès

    • TM image

      Android Developer

      Thomas Maucourt

    • AMS image

      Web Developer

      Adrien Mendes Santos

    • PO image

      Software Developer

      Pierre Ortalo

    • JS image

      Project Initiator

      Joris Sansen


    Molecule manipulation in 3D space has never been so easy ! You just need to take your smartphone and launch the application, that's it !

    In constant evolution

    It started from a simple class project and became a way more important than that. We are trying to bring new features and ameliorations to have the more complete application for manipulating 3D molecules.


    AirMov3D is a project listening to their users. An idea, a problem or something else ? Contact us and we will make sure you are satisfied !

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